Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I Had Moved Out

My avid visitors, I would like to inform you that I had moved out. For updates on basketball, please visit My Unrevealed Thoughts.

Thanks a lot!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Pictures of Barangay Ginebra Kings Against Singapore Slingers

Alex Crisano

Billy Mamaril

Jeff Gloger

Macky Escalona

Paul Artadi

Ronald Tubid

Sunday Salvacion

Willie Wilson

Thanks to Jason Ho for the pictures. Visit his Flickr Account for more pictures.

Salvacion and Tubid are the Stat Performers Against Singapore Slingers

From Singapore Slingers Website

The Singapore Slingers ended the Singapore Challenge Series on a high with a dominant 100-68 victory against Ginebra Barangay at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on Saturday.

Armien Kirkland was the top scorer of the game with 23 points and Sunday Salvacion led the visitors with 17 points.

Playing their much anticipated season finale in front of more than 4,000 enthusiastic fans, the Slingers started the ball rolling for a dazzling display of basketball action with a powerful alleyoop dunk by star forward Eric Sandrin off a timely assist from Al Vergara on the fast break to open the scoring for the home team.

This paved the way for coast to coast action that thrilled the fans as the teams traded the lead for the next three minutes.

Rebounding, however, proved to be the Achilles heel of Ginebra Barangay as they were out-hustled on the boards by the home team, grabbing only 5 rebounds while the Slingers crashed 11 boards.

Sandrin led the Slingers with 5 rebounds in the quarter, while sharp shooter Armien Kirkland found his groove downtown, leading the team with a perfect 4-for-4 from the field which yielded 9 points as the Slingers went into the break leading 26-21.

The visitors kept the game close in the second quarter, as guard Sunday Salvacion led his team with 7 points in the quarter. Local player Hong Wei Jian gave the Slingers a double-digit lead (35-25) for the first time in the game with a timely triple and the visitors proved unable to close the gap, ending the quarter down 38-45.

The turning point of the game emerged in a thrilling third quarter that saw key momentum swings between the two teams.

Encouraged by the thunderous crowd, Ginebra Barangay mounted a determined comeback after halftime as Ronald Tubid ignited his team with two triples to inch his team within 2 points of the Slingers at 49-51.

However, the Slingers kept their composure to keep the visitors at bay and erupted on a 9-0 run with a Sandrin triple and three consecutive fast breaks in the last two minutes of the quarter to gain an 18-point lead (69-51) before the start of the final quarter.

The Slingers’ team effort eventually proved too strong for the visitors, as five players (Armein Kirkland, Eric Sandrin, John Fitzgerald, Al Vergara, Hong Wei Jian) chipped in with double-digits each to lead the team to a 100-68 victory. Local player Hong Wei Jian, who had his strongest performance of the season with 11 points, added the icing on the cake for the Slingers with a spectacular dunk on a fast break to end the game on a sweet 100-point note for the home team.

Slingers coach Frank Arsego was extremely proud of his team’s effort. He said: “We played a tremendous game and the team really kept its composure well to win tonight.”

Praising Weijian’s effort, he added: “Weijian is a very hardworking chap that has a lot of potential. You have just seen a fraction of what he’s capable of today. If he continues training hard, I’m sure he can be someone special for Singapore one day.”

A visibly happy Weijian said: “I feel that I still have room for improvement but I’m really happy to be given the opportunity today and I I’m glad to have repaid the coach’s faith in me.”

Star Performers:

Singapore Slingers:
1. Armein Kirkland (23 pts, 5 RBs)
2. Eric Sandrin (20 pts, 11 RBs)

Singapore Slingers: Ginebra Barangay:
1. Sunday Salvacion (17 pts, 4 RBs)
2. Ronald Tubid (12 pts, 6 RBs)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Singapore Slingers vs Barangay Ginebra Kings

From Singapore Slingers - Newsletter #45

Singapore, 14 January 2009 - The Singapore Slingers will be replacing last Sunday's cancelled match against India's Sathbayama All Stars with a dream match against the Philippine's most popular team - Barangay Ginebra - this Saturday at the Singapore Indoor Stadium at 7.30pm.

This will be the last game of the Singapore Challenge Series and the Slingers will be looking for their 10th win in 11th games of the Singapore Challenge Series.

"It is a critical decision we had to make as both teams will be without key players", said Paul Monozca, Chairman of the Monozca Foundation - the key patron of the Philippine teams playing in Singapore. "But we feel it's a great way to end the 'Singapore Challenge Series' with a dream match. The fans will be happy to know there will be a re-match when the teams complete themselves in a few months. But for now, patience to hold this game has run out".

"We welcome the decision to have this dream match earlier" said Bob Turner, Managing Director of Basketball Enterprises and owner of the Slingers. "This match is all about saying thanks to all the supporters of the 'Challenge Series' this year and to tell everyone to look forward to next season when the official regional pro league opens. Ticket prices remain the same at $6 to $16 and are available at all Sistic outlets".

Although this will be a tough game, the Slingers will be playing without Shane McDonald and possibly Darren Ng while Ginebra is playing without JJ Helterbrand who is training with the national team and Eric Menk, who is in the United States.

Mark Caguioa is also not playing and Reavis and Valenzuela are side lined due to injury.

However, fans can look forward to a match-up between the bad boys Eric Sandrin and Alex Crisano and point guards Paul Artadi and Al Vergara. Veteran star point guard Jhonny Abbarientos will also be suiting up for the Singapore game. Fans will also be treated to meet veterans Jong Uichico and Allan Caidic who are both part of the coaching staff of Ginebra.

"Ginebra is the Apple Computer of the Philippines. It is not the strongest team, but the most popular", said Noel Saavedra of the Monozca Foundation. "It is our version of the Kallang Roar"

The match will be played at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on Saturday, Jan 17, 2009 at 7:30pm.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Kings Bid Goodbye to the All Filipino Cup Conference

It was a do or die Sunday between the Barangay Ginebra Kings (BGK) and the San Miguel Beermen (SMB). Whoever wins the ballgame will advance to the Semis and battle with the Talk N' Text Tropang Texters (TNT).

All game long, BGK commands the ballgame. And it was all because of the beyond the arc shots. I then began to admire BGK more, with a depleted line up, it was really all the heart of a champion thay they are using to fight tonight's ballgame. JayJay Helterbrand, who is quoted as 'due for explosion' by Quinito Henson, really exploded, allowing the BGK to have a 21-point lead against the star-studded SMB.

It was not only Helterbrand's 3 points shots, Paul Artadi, JunJun Cabatu, and Sunday Salvacion also had their 3 pointers that made all things happen for the Kings. And while they had their 3 points shots, Chris Pacana, Billy Mamaril, and Junthy Valenzuela fearlessly drives their way to the basket to contribute.

All the while, it was all BGK. But DonDon Hontiveros become unstoppable from the 3 point arc as well. He hit back to back 3s together with Lordy Tugade and Mic Pennisi. They where able to catch up and trim the lead down to only 3 points at the end of the 3rd Quarter.

BGK and SMB had shown a great series of the Quarter Finals. Everybody's on their feet in the ending minutes of the pay off period. Less than a minute left, SMB leads by only 4 points. BGK still has the chance to regain the lead, if not, at least extend the regulation period. But, I really don't understand why BGK DO NOT defend the last play of the SMB, allowing SMB to have a 6-point lead with only 24 seconds remaining. My sister uttered, if it was in NBA, anything could still happen. And I uttered, if it was Purefoods TJ Giants (PF), an overtime will push through, as what they did against TNT last October 31, 2008.

Salvacion hit a 3 point to cut the lead down to 3. But, the seconds are too much in favor of SMB. It was a sorry loss for the Kings. When I thought they almost made it. But nonetheless, I still can proudly say, thay their hearts are bigger than SMB. And Ronald Tubid's heart is a lot bigger than Hontiveros'.

The Kings bid goodbye to the All Filipino Cup Conference (AFC). And so, I bid goodbye to PBA for now. I have no more reason to watch PBA, no PF, no BGK. See you next conference!

The scores:

San Miguel 98 -- Hontiveros 34, Custodio 13, Tugade 11, Seigle 9, Washington 8, Villanueva 7, Pennisi 5, Pena 4, Pingris 3, Baguion 2, racela 2, Gonzales 0.

Ginebra 93 -- Helterbrand 30, Salvacion 17, Menk 9, Mamaril 8, Tubid 7, Pacana 6, Artadi 6, Wilson 6, Valenzuela 4, Escalona 0, Cabatu 0.

Quarterscores: 14-22, 36-49, 67-70, 98-93

Friday, January 9, 2009

Barangay Ginebra Kings Wants Game 3

Again, I was not able to watch the Quarter Finals Game between the Barangay Ginebra Kings (BGK) and the San Miguel Beermen (SMB). Thus, I have no other recourse but to ask my friends to keep me posted. Nonetheless, I have the feeling that BGK will grab tonight's ballgame.

I felt kinda uncomfortable knowing that SMB leads in the first few minutes of the game. It was even more disappointing knowing the Chris Pacana had committed 3 personal fouls with so many time remaining in the 2nd Quarter. SMB continues to take charge of the driver's seat until Ronald Tubid hit a shot from downtown, making it at 30 all with 8minutes remaining in the 1st half. This 3 pointer had been succeeded by many other, letting BGK grab the lead at 37-36 with 5minutes remaining at the half. Sheer heart, that is, BGK ended the first half at 48-41.

At the 3rd Quarter, BGK continues to shine with their 3 pointers as Paul Artadi hits his own version of the arc, making the score at 54-41. It was as well complemented by a back to back steal by JayJay Helterbrand. Almost everyone contributed. Willie Wilson and Billy Mamaril made a field goal each to make it 58-41 in their favor. BGK's lead ballooned to 14 big points (68-52) forcing Coach Siot Tanquincen to commit a technical foul. BGK ended the 3rd Quarter with a commanding lead of 7 points (70-63).

But SMB showed BGK how important a deeper bench in this kind of series. They tied the ballgame at 70 all with less than 10minutes remaining in the pay off period. It has been a seesaw battle between the 2 sister companies. SMB, once again, grab the lead (85-82) in the last 2 minutes mark of the quarter. But, as what Tubid had said in their 2nd game of the eliminations, their hearts are much bigger, regaining the lead 90-88 with only 6.6 seconds remaining. It is indeed a pulsating ballgame. At the end, it was Tubid's heart that prevailed. BGK won 91-88. They forced SMB to play game 3 for a do or die game Sunday.

The scores:

Barangay Ginebra 91 - Tubid 19, Helterbrand 15, Menk 15, Salvacion 11, Valenzuela 9, Mamaril 8, Artadi 6, Wilson 5, Cabatu 3, Escalona 0, Pacana 0, Crisano 0.

San Miguel Beer 88 - Hontiveros 35, Seigle 12, Pena 10, Custodio 9, Tugade 9, Pingris 4, Washington 3, Gonzales 3, Racela 2, Pennisi 1.

Quarterscores: 22-26, 48-41, 70-63, 91-88.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

It Could Have Been For The Kings

I kinda miss PBA. I got frustrated last time when the Purefoods TJ Giants (PF) were eliminated in their wildcard game against the Air21 Express. I got a little more disappointed that time since Kerby 'The Kid' Raymundo was only able to gain most of his scores only from the free throw line. Anyway, it was the first game of the Quarter Finals Series between the Barangay Ginebra Kings (BGK), my favorite team, and the San Miguel Beermen (SMB).

I was not able to watch the game. Good that I have friends who willingly update me on the happenings as the game goes by. I was kinda sad that time when SMB lead ballooned to 10 big points at the end of the first half (42-32). To my mind, SMB is really an all-star cast. And there's BonBon Custodio (my bet for the Rookie of the Year, ha ha) who really plays so well. But, I still wanted to see BGK winning the game.

I was delighted when BGK come back because of their 3-pt shots. And it was more fascinating since one of the shots from the parking lot came from my favorite player, Chris Pacana. I really hoped that he would be given more playing time by Coach Jong Uichico.

It was a tight ball game in the ending minutes. While still on my way home, I hoped that I could still catch the game and see Pacana throwing the winning shot. Yes, I was able to catch the game. It was about 47 (Mark Caguioa? Where are you?) seconds left, 78-77 in favor of SMB, BGK's ball. Well, as expected, Pacana is no where to found in the court. Pacana is used by Coach Uichico more on the defensive stop rather on offense. Anyway, what matter here now is to have a basket. But it was heartbreaking when Ronald Tubid failed to chip in his 3 point basket. Nonetheless, he was hailed as the game's 3-point King. Now, it was SMB's ball. They just melted the clock, and was not able to gain a basket. Only 4 seconds left, BGK had another chance of making a win from this one. But, JayJay Helterbrand's 3-point attempt do not even touch the rim. Well, it was a hard shot. He was not given any screen that time. He simply fished for a fould then against Custodio, but the referees where too lazy to call one. (It makes me miss PF, and all their buzzer beaters.)

Sorry loss for BGK. The game could have been for the them. But, it was not. Well, the series is a Best of 3, they will surely come back next game. It would be a do or die for them. And I'm sure, they'll do it.

The scores:

San Miguel 78 - Tugade 15, Hontiveros 14, Racela 11, Custodio 10, Seigle 10, Pingris 6, Pena 6, Washington 4, Pennisi 2, Calaguio 0.

Ginebra 77 - Mamaril 22, Tubid 14, Valenzuela 9, Helterbrand 8, Artadi 7, Salvacion 6, Menk 4, Pacana 3, Wilson 2, Crisano 2, Escalona 0, Cabatu 0.

Quarterscores: 21-16, 42-32, 61-54, 78-77.